​​​​​​​The National Society provides affordable yet comprehensive home energy auditor training both online and in the classroom (in conjunction with affiliate member schools internationally).​​

We are an independent professional society of certified individuals whose members provide high quality home energy audits to U.S. & Canadian homeowners following industry established guidelines as well as those recommended by the United States Department of Energy (DOE). Members include: independent energy auditors, home inspectors, real estate agents & brokers, property managers, home contractors, weatherization & insulation contractors as well as HVAC technicians. All members must meet educational, experience and testing requirements and agree to abide by our rigorous Standards of Professional Practice. 

Nationwide, Energy Auditors earn a median salary of $68,170 per year with salaries ranging from $37,500 - $116,000. The typical home inspector charges a $100 - $150 premium per inspection for an approximate 45-90 minutes worth of work above and beyond the standard residential inspection. 

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