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The majority of homes found throughout the country are significantly deficient in terms of being energy efficient. As a result of this, the average homeowner is spending far more than they should be on their energy bills. In addition to this, they are adding tremendously to our collective carbon footprint.  

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over 100 million homes in the U.S. are not energy efficient

​In response to these concerns, the Society for Certified Energy Auditors was founded to become the leading most accessible organization in North America to share with our members (and ensure) that they're following generally recommended practices as outlined by the U.S.. Department of Energy.  We have rigorous training programs in place, testing to ensure competency and a Standards of Practice that all members agree to adhere to. This SOP gives the public confidence that the auditor performing services and making recommendations is providing suggestions because they will truly improve the energy efficiency of the home (not financially motivated in any way).