The Future is Now and it's GREEN

We've listened to our membership and developed a comprehensive designation program for licensed real estate agents and brokers nationwide. The early reviews on the program are very positive as well! As an accredited national education provider approved in over 20% of the United States and a leader in the field of residential energy auditing and conservation, we present the Certified Green Agent program.

In order to qualify for this national designation you must hold an active real estate agent or broker's license, complete the online course (Certified Green Agent/Broker) and maintain membership with the Society.

Based on recent national surveys, green and eco-friendly living concepts are one of the hottest trends in real estate today. Licensees that successfully complete this advanced training will be able to provide buyers and sellers with invaluable advice on steps they can take to reduce energy costs and improve the comfort as well as the value of their home. This program was created to significantly enhance your understanding of responsible green building practices and sustainable building techniques employed in the field of real estate today.  You'll be able to immediately understand, recognize and seek out environmentally optimal, resource-efficient applications when listing homes for sale, and when you work with your buyer clients.  

Benefits of our program include:

(1) Qualification as a Certified Green Agent (or Broker if you hold that license in your respective state);

(2) Listing on our website as a Certified Green Agent which recognizes your advanced training in this field;

(3) Notification of your designation in a local/regional newspaper visible for all your clients to see (we make every effort to provide you information on the publication of this information so you can watch for it);

(4) Your right to use the title "Certified Green Agent" (or Broker) on business cards, promotional materials and of course your personal website;

(5) Increased visibility when clients search for you online through our comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) program using appropriately placed relevant JavaScript and CSS in the HTML code as well as meta description tags to differentiate web results increasing the likelihood potential clients can find you; 

(6) You'll receive our exclusive newsletter throughout the year keeping you abreast of the latest updates in the field, and more.

To register for this program, contact one of our affiliate member schools or complete the contact form on our home page and a representative will follow-up with you. 

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