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​​​​​​​​​​How Do I Register For The Program?

That's easy. Just click the contact link at the top-right side of this page, complete the form and a representative will call you back to answer any questions and walk you through the log-in details. A quicker and more popular route is to text our dedicated TEXT-ONLY line at (202) 643-9993 and we'll contact you promptly.

What Type Of Background Do Most People Have Who Consider This?

The overwhelming majority of Certified Home Energy Auditors that complete our program are State licensed Home Inspectors. At least 70% of the training most home inspectors receive cover essential topics which make up the core of what a home energy auditor needs to know. As a result, this training provides the most natural step of progression as a lead credential to enhance an inspector's plethora of services that can be provided to any home buyer or seller. Contractors and HVAC specialists make up the balance of individuals most interested in home energy auditor training. 

How Much is Tuition and What Topics Are Covered?
Tuition is $450 and that includes your first year of membership to the NSCHEA and your FLIR One Gen 3 Thermal Camera. There is no requirement to take redundant continuing education like most other organizations require. Members agree to adhere to the Society's Code of Ethics which includes your agreement to stay connected and keep abreast of industry news & technology updates. Topics include: interview questions for your client, expectations, determining current energy usage, what to look for with past utility usage, types of HVAC systems, implications of back-drafting, combustion air concerns, understanding insulation and vapor barriers, lighting considerations, locating air leaks, terminology used by energy audit professionals, Department of Energy and related agency guidelines used nationwide, depressurization considerations, understanding heating degree days & making adjustments, types of insulation, voltage drop considerations, using infrared technology, and much more. Our program covers everything you need from soup to nuts. If you're a home inspector, it's the most efficient upgrade you can make to your list of credentials that will immediately add to your bottom line (dollar for dollar). The fact that you have the credential will definitely get you more home inspections (nationwide surveys have shown that inspectors with more credentials earn more than those with less). Without this (and any other designations your prominent competition may have that you don't), you could be losing home inspection business and not even know it. 

What Benefits Do I Get By Completing Your Program Over Others Online?

We are more thorough then most other programs costing hundreds or even thousands more and this is all we do. We don't nickel and dime you for every single move you make. Our program is one of the lowest price you'll find online with accreditation in a number of states (for those of you who hold a real estate or home inspection license). Your membership in our organization provides you with leads to get home energy audits from private homeowners who find us online as a result of our extensive SEO promotion of members and services. You get a quarterly newsletter that keeps you abreast of the latest technology and changes affecting the home energy auditing industry and much more.

How Long Do I Have To Complete the Program?

You have 1 year from the date you register to complete the course work and final exam.  

What's the Difference Between Affiliate, Associate & Home Inspection Members?

Affiliate members have met the educational requirements but not the final examination. Associate members have completed all program requirements. Both levels of membership agree to adhere to the Society's Code of Ethics. Home Inspection members have not completed specific coursework but maintain an interest in the field of home energy auditing, efficiency and weatherization techniques/practices. 

How Long Does the Program Take to Complete

The classroom version of the course (which is also offered through affiliate member schools nationwide and in Canada) is 24 hours and the online version varies from 12-16 hours depending on the state, accreditation requirements for online which vary from state to state and affiliate member schools who offer our online version. In general it averages about 20 hours. A representative can give you specifics for your location and license type. 

What Are The Various Fees Charged Based On Membership Categories?
The Certification Course is $450 and includes your first year membership in the Society along with your FLIR Infrared equipment for your smartphone for thermographic imaging. Please note, in order to receive the equipment benefit or optional credit, you MUST complete the course and pass the final exam within 60 days of registration (payment). Once a student satisfies the course requirements, he or she advances to Affiliate level membership. If the proctored exam is not successfully completed within 12 months, there is a $30 fee to be able to retake it again. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass (retest fees are also $30). Annual dues for Affiliate and Associate memberships are just $35 per year ($50 for 2 year periods). Home Inspector level members are $20 per year. If you are taking the course for state credit in order to renew a professional license, please indicate which type of license you hold (as well as the state) when you communicate with a staff member. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes in your contact information so leads that come from our SEO activities get forwarded to you promptly. Fees paid cannot be applied toward upgrades/downgrades in your membership level. If we do not receive your signed & scanned attestation to follow the Society's Standards of Professional Practices, you forfeit any rights and benefits afforded your level of membership.  

Does This Program Qualify Me for BPI Building Analyst or RESNET / HERS Rater Status?

Based on the most current information available, the Building Performance Institute (BPI) does not mandate any particular training program in order to sit for their one-hundred question examination or field examination to demonstrate competency. To become a HERS Rater (for new construction primarily), you must pass exam and practical requirements in accordance with RESNET. Most of our members specifically join our organization because they don't want to deal with all the bureaucracy associated with long-term membership requirements associated with BPI and RESNET. These include: substantial fees to maintain certification, continuing education requirements regardless of experience and more. 

Where Can I See A List of Currently Certified Members of the Society?

Just click the membership tab above.

How Can My School Become an Affiliate Member to Sponsor Training?  

Just complete an information form on our website and a representative will be in touch with you within a few days.

I Hold A Florida Home Inspection License - Can I Take This Course for

Continuing Education to Renew My License?

Yes. You will earn 12 hours of General Credit for the Energy Auditor portion of the program and with our Affiliate Member School you get the remaining 2 hours for the mandatory Wind Mitigation portion that the State of Florida requires. Your 14 hours of education must be completed no later than July 31 of all EVEN-NUMBERED years (2018, 2020, etc). The 12 hours of Energy Audit credit is $129 and Wind Mitigation is $22. Your successful completion of the Energy Auditor online course will qualify you to be listed as a Home Inspector member of the National Society but if you wish to earn the Certified Home Energy Auditor designation, you'll need to take the final examination and pay the difference of $221 (which includes all testing fees). School license #1111, Course Approval #0001196, expires 1/16/20. .

I Hold A New York Home Inspection License - Can I Take This Course for Continuing Education to Renew My License? 
Yes, however, NY does NOT allow continuing education from home (online), therefore you will need to take the course at one of our Affiliate Member schools. The fee is $350 and if you prefer to not take the final exam, you will only receive 24 hours of NYS approved credit and you'll only be listed as a Home Inspector member on the National Society website. No additional fees apply for full certification if completed at an approved school in person. Licensees in NY must complete 24 hours of approved education BEFORE being able to renew their State license. 
The NYS approval for our affiliate school (WNY School of Real Estate) is: L-2435-24.